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Second hand Leclerc Influencer GREY MELANGE BASSINET
Second hand Leclerc Influencer GREY MELANGE BASSINET
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Second hand Leclerc Influencer GREY MELANGE BASSINET

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Used for a couple of months- mint condition. In original box- Only packaging(box) a bit damaged.

Bassinet and adapter included Delivery included


Thanks to the Leclerc Baby bassinet, you can immediately use your pushchair for your newborn baby. You always have a view of your little one, since the position of the crib is so oriented that your baby can always look at your familiar face.

The Leclerc Baby crib is softly padded on the inside, spacious and very comfortable for your newborn baby. This way your baby can rest comfortably when you go out. Use the transparent ventilation and your baby will stay comfortable on the warmer days.

The crib is easy to attach to all Leclerc Baby buggies with the adapters supplied with the crib. Because there are three positions for the backrest of our prams, you can lay the backrest completely flat. This way you can easily put the bassinet on the pram, using the adapters that come with it.

By folding the crib, it takes up less space on the road in the car or when you store it. There are small legs under the crib, so that when it is on the floor, it can rock or stand still, depending on your baby's needs.

The bassinet is available in the same color as the buggy, so you can put together a nice complete stroller in matching colours.


Product name: Bassinet Grey melange
Color: Grey melange
Suitable for what age: birth-6 months
Weight: 4 kg
Height unfolded: 67 cm
Depth unfolded: 87 cm
Width unfolded: 41 cm
Carton size: 900x230x420
Fabric material: Canvas
Additional features: - Softly padded
- Spacious and comfortable
- Easy attachable to all Leclerc Baby strollers