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Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier - Very soft and easy to wear - Stone Gray
Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier - Very soft and easy to wear - Stone Gray
Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier - Very soft and easy to wear - Stone Gray
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Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier - Very soft and easy to wear - Stone Gray

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The fantastic Moby Wrap Evolution Baby Carrier is a lighter version of the Classic model and is perfect for newborns : it offers a pleasant and reassuring experience, because it envelops your little one with its softness, making him feel safe even when he is out for a walk . The evolution sling is very easy to use and allows you to have your hands free and distribute the weight of your baby between the back and hips , making transport easy, adventure-proof! Furthermore, Moby Evolution adapts to the weight and age of your baby, accompanying him in growth, until he has gained greater control of his body and has reached about 15kg. The Evolution model is incotton and viscose, soft and breathable fabrics that will pamper your little one. The headband is available in beautiful colors and trendy prints and takes different positions , creating a perfect mix of comfort and beauty. 

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Why we like it:

  • Very easy to put on: it binds in a flash without problems!
  • Comfortable position for you and your baby . No back pain for you and healthy development for him
  • Thanks to its soft and enveloping fabric , it strengthens the bond between parents and baby
  • Beautiful trendy colors and trendy prints
  • Also perfect for newborns: it makes them feel protected and always close to your heart
  • Versatility: one size fits all easily to your body and that of your little one , following the various steps of his growth
  • You can do everything with your hands free
  • Comfortable to hold, even after many hours!
  • The product presents solutions and positions aimed at the health of your back and hips
  • Moby is the worldwide known company and category leader, always careful to keep children comfortable, calm and happy! Moby was created to allow parents to share the discovery of the world with their little ones, making every moment special thanks to the comfort, versatility and splendid design of its slings 
  • Moby is committed to a continuous search for the best materials and designs for modern parents who want to move and travel without hassle! 
  • Baby Carrier
  • Color : Stone Gray
  • Material: 70% viscose / 30% cotton - soft and breathable material. It does not contain elastane
  • Stretch fabric
  • Size: One size adjustable - 5 meters
  • Usable from birth for most newborns. Consult the pediatrician in case of premature babies
  • Weight limit : about 3.5 - 15 kg
  • Care: Machine washable (delicate wash), suitable for dryer
  • Positions: 3 positions
  • The Moby Wrap Evolution swaddle grows with your little one: the soft viscose and cotton fabric and the different possible carrying positions allow the swaddle to support your baby's development
  • A snug fit is optimal for holding the baby securely and creating good support for the parent's back . The viscose and cotton fabric allows the Moby sling to stretch slightly to better conform to the body of the parent and child.