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Haakaa Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra
Haakaa Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra
Haakaa Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra
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Haakaa Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra

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If you’re a multi-tasking mum who wants to move around and feel secure while pumping, our Haakaa Hands-Free Zip-Up Breast Pump Bra allows you to do just that. It keeps your pump close to your chest and leaves your hands free to finish more important tasks.

Made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex, our super soft material and smooth finish feels great against your skin and won’t irritate sensitive nipples. The layered crossover slit design helps create a better seal for your pump flange, improving suction and comfort.

Our Hands-Free Bra is made with breastfeeding mums in mind. Each bra comes with a simple to insert expander which gives more room and moulds to each mum’s unique shape and bust size. It also has a zip-up front and an adjustable back to accommodate changes to your body during nursing.

  • 93% cotton, 7% spandex
  • Lets you pump hands-free
  • Machine washable
Size Guide:
  • M – Under-breast circumference: 70-77cm
  • L – Under-breast circumference: 78-82cm
  • XL – Under-breast circumference: 84-102cm
  • Put our Hands-Free Bra on as you would a normal bra. Adjust the straps and either insert or remove the expander depending on bust size and comfort. Insert the pump flange into the layered slit and position in a way that is comfortable. Once in the correct position, simply suction your pump to your breast as you normally would, leaving you free to do other things or nurse from your other breast without any spills!
Cleaning & Care:
  • Machine wash cold and hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean or use any bleach-based agents to clean this product. Wash before wearing.