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KraulQuappen Swim Rings for Advanced
KraulQuappen Swim Rings for Advanced
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KraulQuappen Swim Rings for Advanced

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The KraulQuappen® KQs swim rings for Advanced is recommended for children over 12 months with some water experience, with a body weight between 11 to 30kg.

The inflatable ring is less bulky than the Beginners’ version and more user-friendly. It is not the age, height or weight of the child by which you choose the size of KQs, but the experience and physical skills. Your child is ready for the Advanced KQ rings if they are able to turn around in a circle in the water without additional help.

Cherek’s KraulQuappen® swim rings have an integrated water-protected foam ring inside for more safety.

  • Recommended for children with some water experience
  • Swim rings with integrated water protected foam
  • Colour: yellow-red
  • The inflatable ring is 17 cm in diameter
  • Diameter of the arm-opening: aprox. 6.5 cm
  • KraulQuappen swim rings must only be used for the intended purpose in shallow water and must not be used for any other purpose. They are intended as buoyancy help for swimming only. They are not recommended to use while jumping or sliding into the water, as they can slide off on impact, particularly if not inflated properly.
  • KraulQuappen products and the materials used for their production are made, controlled and certified in the EU and comply with all legal requirements
  • Suitable for children with bodyweight up to 30 kg
  • WARNING: Will not protect against drowning. Always fully inflate the air chambers. To be worn on the upper arm only. All components shall be worn.
  • Care: Avoid contact with chemicals and detergents. Rinse with clean water after every use. Keep away from sharp objects. Store them emptied of air and with their valves open.
  • Read the User’s Manual before use