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Pump on the move
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Pump on the move

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Included: 1 electric breast pump, 10 pack storage bags with adapter & 1 cooler bag

Breastfeeding mama returning to work? We’ve got you covered. This set was designed for you – a compact, portable pumping system that means you can safely store your expressed milk away from home. Your set includes our Smart Electric Breast Pump and a stylish Cooler Bag.

The Complete Feeding Solution For Mums On The Go

Pump quietly & discreetly

Compact design for easy cleaning & pumping on the go

Save time & pump directly into milk bags

Smart touch screen for easy tracking pumping sessions

Pre-sterilised & leak-proof storage bags

Pump smarter, without limits

Pump smarter, without limits

Made to move, so you can pump without limits.

No tubes. No wires. More comfort, more mobility, more milk.

Save every single drop

Save every single drop

Easy to pump, store, and feed using the same milk bag.

Our pre-sterilized milk bags provide the ideal feeding solution. This set includes 40 bags and a handy adapter.

<p>Voted as <em>Best Breast Pump</em> of 2022</p>

Voted as Best Breast Pump of 2022

Mums have voted this powerful smart breast pump as the best electric breast pump out there for 3 years in a row! The gentle yet efficient suction is designed to feel like your baby nursing, optimizing your milk flow. Easy to assemble, our intuitive design saves you time, so you´re always expression-ready.