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Triclimb Archi Natural
Triclimb Archi Natural
Triclimb Archi Natural
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Triclimb Archi Natural

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The Archi is a beautiful crafted piece of toy furniture that seamlessly combines style and functionality. It is simple to operate, strong and compact for use within the modern home environment. This innovative toy is both a rocker and climbing arch in one, aiding your little one in developing a variety of different skills and awareness of their own body. It follows the design ethos of the Triclimb range, aiding open-ended fun, encouraging children to explore and be imaginative and creative in their play, all whilst facilitating an outlet for free movement and the development of coordination, strength and balance. Plus, it folds away when not in use to save valuable space. What’s not to love?

The angles, variety of handholds, distance between and shape of components used all influence ability, confidence and precision whilst still leaving plenty to the imagination. It’s one toy but can be many things, providing a starting point for children to build their own imaginative play scenarios. Use it as a climber, a rocker, a shop front; is it a horse, it is a boat, a castle or maybe the hill on which a very well-known nursery rhyme takes place… you decide. Or use it as a base for a soothing hammock or sling; the built in Trifix joints create a perfect area to which a wrap or hammock may be securely tied.

As well as being a stand-alone rocker or climbing frame, the Archi can also be used in conjunction with several other products in the Triclimb range. The combination of rungs and slats on the Archi mean that our attachments are all compatible and can be simply and quickly connected to the Archi using our unique lift–set-and-drop method of connection. The Archi incorporates our unique Trifix joints in the design; these allow you to connect your Archi to a Triclimb or Triclimb Mini creating a super play structure. Once connected to the Triclimb, the Miri and Wibli can still be used.

A few combinations:

  • Archi + Miri/Wibli
  • Triclimb + Archi
  • Triclimb + Archi + Miri/Wibli
  • Triclimb + Archi + Triclimb + Miri/Wibli

The Archi combines both slats and rungs to create a rocker that works for all ages. The slats provide a secure and solid surface for even the littlest of rockers in the basin of the rocker and they prevent foot entrapment when rocking. The surface area in the basin is wide enough for sitting, standing or lying down. The rungs are at a variety of positions to provide various handle levels for little rockers. These can then also be used as foot holds for the more advanced rocker. The outside shape of the bow is not a perfect semi-circle; this is deliberate and is the secret to high performance rocking with control. The shape and dimensions have been carefully calculated to allow for a natural gentle rock. This means only those with the strength and co-ordination to deal with the consequences of more enthusiastic rocking will be able to rock the Archi to a greater extent. The Archi incorporates over-rock stops as an important safety function; these stops are there to restrict the movement of the occupant within the extremes of the bow rock.

The Archi is semi assembled; we’ve done the hardest part of the assembly for you. It is shipped in a compact box with a set of pre drilled components and the hardware to build.

  • Suitable from birth (climbing starts at around 9 months)
  • Weight limit 50Kg
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Designed for indoor use but can used outside with care
  • Made in Wales
  • All timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests. (Premium birch solid core plywood &  solid/engineered dowel).
  • Water-based lacquer
  • CE & UKCA certified
  • Independently lab tested to EN71: 1,2,3 & 8
  • Size
  • Open dimensions: Length 1060 x Width 500 x Height 530mm
  • Closed dimensions: Length 480 x Width 500 x Height 740mm
  • Weight per unit: 9kg approx.
  • The origins of the Pikler triangle climbing frame come from Emmi Pikler a Hungarian Paediatrician who pioneered theories on child development in the 1930/40s. Centered around a respectful relationship between infant and parent as well as natural progression of motor development through free movement and play. Emmi Pikler believed it was important to offer children the opportunities to move naturally according to their inherent ability. This is the very essence of the Triclimb product range.